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Samsung introduces Auto Blocker as a way to protect your device!

Samsung unveils the Auto Blocker feature to protect your devices from unwanted attacks.
Samsung introduces Auto Blocker as a way to protect your device!
The new Auto Blocker feature

Samsung introduces Auto Blocker!

According to Samsung, this is their newest security tool for Galaxy users which is made to keep your devices protected in the way that best fits your lifestyle.

Furthermore, Samsung says, this is part of Galaxy's growing arsenal of privacy and security advancements, Auto Blocker was recently introduced on the One UI 6. It comes with an opt-n package of additional security measures that provide users more choices as they explore many selections enabled by Samsung Galaxy's open ecosystem.

At Samsung, we constantly strive to keep our users safe from security attacks, and with the introduction of Auto Blocker users can continue to enjoy the benefits of our open ecosystem, knowing that their mobile experience is secured, said Dr. Seungwon Shin, EVP & Head of Security Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. We always seek to empower our users to choose for themselves what best suits their needs – rather than us deciding on their behalf, and Auto Blocker is no exception to that.

One of the main highlights of Auto Blocker is the ability to prevent app installations from unauthorized sources, known as sideloading. Intentional sideloading has numerous advantages, including increased customization and command over a device's operation. Those who prefer to safely sideload will not experience change as the feature is turned off by default. For those who do not like sideloading or extensive modifications, activating Auto Blocker can provide additional peace of mind by stalling the rise of social engineering attacks like voice phishing, where the attackers could fool users into installing dangerous software.

Among the many extra features offered by Auto Blocker is the ability to activate app security checks, which can be used to identify possible malware and stop malicious commands and program installations via USB cables. When charging a phone in an airport, for example, or in any other scenario where someone has physical access to the device, this can help consumers stay safe.

This new feature also comes with an update to Message Guard, which has the ability to mitigate zero-click attacks or direct image messages hiding malicious code. This will ensure that users are protected from using 3rd party apps and have the ability to have better choices over the apps they can safely use.

According to Samsung, they were able to set the foundation for a safer, more secure mobile experience for their customers and Auto Blocker takes this one step further by adding industry-leading security standards with user choice to enable users to control their device in their own way.

Auto blocker, the newest addition to Samsung's arsenal of privacy and security solutions, enhances customers' mobile experiences throughout the Galaxy ecosystem.

Again, the Auto Blocker feature is now available on Samsung Galaxy devices running the One UI 6 software.

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