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OPPO x Rags2Riches reveals limited edition stylish eco-friendly bags, priced at PHP 3,500

OPPO and Rags2Riches (R2R) partnership brings a unique limited edition collection of bags to promote sustainability.
OPPO x Rags2Riches reveals limited edition stylish eco-friendly bags, priced at PHP 3,500
OPPO ambassador Rei Germar holds the fashionable bag

OPPO X R2R stylish eco-bags pre-order starts today!

According to the phone brand they are doing this to support the Filipino artisans of R2R and aim to combine fashion, creativity, sustainability, and convey inspiration and happiness.

These bags were also designed by OPPO creatives such as Rei Germar, David Guison, Pam Quinones, and Daryl Change alongside the R2R artisans. Together, all of them were able to display innate creativeness while also showing Filipino craftsmanship and sustainability.

OPPO, fueled by continuous innovation, is dedicated to impactful partnerships like R2R. This is just the beginning of our shared journey to promote sustainability, shared Joanarc Sales, Head of PR and CRM at OPPO Philippines.

In an environment where fast fashion rules, OPPO and R2R's partnership represents a noteworthy step in preserving the environment. The high-end fashion items, which are made from eco-friendly materials, promote regional tradition, artistic expression, and protection of the planet.
The other bag collections
The other bag collections

Rei Germar, David Guison, Pam Quiñones, and Daryl Chang collaborated with R2R artisans in an exemplary exhibition of teamwork, bringing their unique personalities to the collection.

OPPO is also assisting these craftsmen in enjoying the present this holiday season by cooperating with R2R. The campaign, which will unveil a limited edition bag line, is an appropriate platform for recognizing the abilities of R2R's skilled workers.
A closer look at one of the bags
A closer look at one of the bags

Profits from the collection will directly go to the families of these R2R artisans and OPPO products will be provided to improve their daily lives.

We thank OPPO for amplifying our local artisans' talents and strengthening our shared mission of promoting sustainability, said Reese Ruiz-Fernandez, President and Founding Partner of R2R.

Price and availability

OPPO x R2R eco-friendly bags - PHP 3,500

So if you are looking for a fashion piece while also wanting it to be safe for the environment as a Christmas gift, you might check these out. The pre-order begins today and you may head to this link here to buy.

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