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TSMC to mass produce 2nm chips in 2025, 1.4nm to follow in 2027

The world's largest foundry TSMC recently showcased its 2nm prototype chip. The company revealed it is also on track to mass-produce the chip in 2025.
2nm chips soon

2nm chips are coming!

At the moment, Apple is the only major player featuring a 3nm chip for smartphones—the A17 Pro which is found on the latest iPhone 15 Pro Series. Most 2023 high-end phones are still using 4nm chips.

According to a recent report from the Financial Times, it is progressing well and it will be the most advanced semiconductor technology in the industry in both density and energy efficiency once it is introduced.

The 2nm chip will feature TSMC's new Gate-all-Around (GAA) transistors which cover the channel on all four sides to reduce current leaks and deliver gains in energy efficiency.

The report added that Apple has already had a chance to check out the 2nm prototypes built using TSMC's N2 node.

If there are no delays and Apple's naming trend continues, the chip could be called the A19 Pro. Then, the first phones that might use 2nm chips are the iPhone 17 Pro and 17 Pro Max.

Moreover, TSMC revealed that the successor of 2nm is 1.4nm. This plan was mentioned during the Future of Logic panel during the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM).

It is also expected that the chip will continue to use Gate-all-Around (GAA) transistors.

There is no word on when will TSMC release a 1.4nm chip, but we could be looking at 2027 or 2028.

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