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HUAWEI expects nearly USD 100 billion revenue in 2023


HUAWEI is optimistic about its sales for 2023 despite the challenges it faced in the past year.
HUAWEI expects nearly USD 100 billion revenue in 2023
File photo: HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro

HUAWEI is back in the game

According to a New Year message for 2024, HUAWEI rotating chairman Ken Hu said the company expects around USD 98.8 billion (around PHP 5.4 trillion) revenue for 2023.

Our ICT infrastructure business has remained solid, and results from our device business surpassed expectations. Both our digital power and cloud businesses are growing steadily, and our intelligent automotive solutions have become significantly more competitive, Hu explained.

This is a 9 percent increase compared to the 2022 sales.

After years of hard work, we've managed to weather the storm. And now we're pretty much back on track, Hu said.

For 2023, one of the highlights for HUAWEI is the launch of its Mate 60 Pro. This was the center of attention as the United States sought for more information about the device “about precisely its character and composition.” This was to determine if parties bypassed American restrictions on semiconductor exports to create the new chip.

Mate 60 Pro reportedly has the new 5G Kirin 9000s processor developed specifically for HUAWEI. This is despite the US restricting China's access to foreign chip technology.

In 2024, Hu said all of HUAWEI's business units would focus on "creating value and growing the harvest."

Our ICT infrastructure business is the company's ballast, and needs to continue serving in this role. That means making the most of its advantages across domains like computing, storage, and networking, and leveraging its systems engineering capabilities to provide end-to-end support for the digital and intelligent transformation of industries, the official said.

HUAWEI also wants to push its commitment to developing "best-in-class products and building a high-end brand with a human touch," as well as working with partners to accelerate the development of its HarmonyOS.

HUAWEI Cloud should aim to become the company's digital backbone, enabling all aspects of our operations, while providing all industries with a trusted platform that helps them grow and flourish, Hu said.

He said HUAWEI's Intelligent Automotive Solution business also "needs to keep working closely with partners to translate its technological advantages into business success."

Hu said the company will continue to streamline HQ, simplify management, and ensure consistent policy, while making adjustments where they are needed. HUAWEI will also continue delegating operational authority to field offices, whereas our budget management will be centralized, he added.

The company said it is also optimizing its manager selection policy to put more emphasis on contributions and results.

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Source: HUAWEI

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