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MWC 2024: TECNO unveils Pocket Go Gaming AR Glasses: 0.71-inch Micro-OLED, 5.1GHz 8-cores, 50WHr replaceable battery!

TECNO reveals its gaming AR Glasses dubbed as the Pocket Go at the MWC 2024.
MWC 2024: TECNO unveils Pocket Go Gaming AR Glasses: 0.71-inch Micro-OLED, 5.1GHz 8-cores, 50WHr replaceable battery!
The new AR Glasses

TECNO Pocket Go AR Glasses + Mini PC launched!

According to the firm, the TECNO Pocket Go is the first Windows AR gaming set that combines AR glasses and a Windows handheld device. The lightweight and portable package claims to provide gamers with a new immersive AR gaming experience, with an innovative headset and the world's most tiny AR Windows handheld.

The company says that Pocket Go's "VisionTrack" capability easily blends head-tracking technology with the Windows gaming ecosystem. Together, the small Pocket Windows Handheld and the AR Pocket Vision headset efficiently overcome the restrictions of bulkier Windows handhelds while also improving the user experience that is frequently lacking with AR glasses. The set is meant to put the action of gaming right in your hands, providing a 6D immersive experience without sacrificing quality or stability.
Immersive gaming station!Immersive gaming station!
Immersive gaming station!

Complementing Pocket Go is the TECNO Smart Box, which serves as the central hub for handling settings and games for a more seamless gaming experience. In addition to its augmented reality game features, Pocket Go can also be used as a mobile workstation within the TECNO ecosystem. It can establish connections with other smart devices, smartphones, and the TECNO MEGA MINI M1. The company claimed that from playing games with the Pocket Windows Handheld to watching movies with the AR Pocket Vision, its adaptable design meets an array of demands. TECNO also highlighted that the upcoming Pocket Go, which can take users to an immersive 6D gaming paradise among other places, is evidence of the growing uses of augmented reality technology.

With its 0.71-inch micro-OLED screen, Pocket Go's AR Pocket Vision headset simulates the viewing experience of a 215-inch television from a distance of six meters. This tiny device provides players with a wide field of vision and a crisp, cinematic viewing experience. Additionally, the headset has 600 degrees of adjustable diopter settings to accommodate users with different vision needs and provide increased eye comfort while playing.  

With its much smaller size, TECNO claimed the Pocket Go's AR Pocket Windows Handheld transforms portability. The AR device has a size factor similar to a smartphone and is 30 percent lighter and 50 percent smaller than typical Windows gaming handhelds. In order to facilitate easy grip and control, the device also features ergonomic components that have been carefully constructed. 

Unleash Ultimate Gaming Power for Gaming Excellence

TECNO claimed that this product can play triple AAA titles thanks to its unspecified 8-core processor with 16 threads that can be boosted up to 5.1GHz. Moreover, the device comes with capable cooling by the PC-Level large cooling fan and three copper pipes to ensure maintained performance at 35W.

For battery, it has a 50WHr capacity which is replaceable so gamers can still continue their playing time outside.

A 6D Immersive Experience That Brings Games to Life

With its immersive experience, Pocket Go captures the senses of touch and vision. With its six-axis gyroscope and potent AI algorithm, the said product improves real-time data collecting from the glasses and captures head movements with amazing accuracy, TECNO claims.

Additionally, the device utilizes TECNO's special vibration enhancement algorithm and N'BASS® nano-structured acoustic materials to transform in-game sounds into subtle vibrations that produce a resonant aural experience. With its large X-axis linear motor and unique audio vibration algorithm, the Pocket Windows Handheld records system audio sources in real-time and responds instantly to bass vibrations. Precise control is provided with Hall Effect joysticks and triggers, which enhance the gaming immersion. All things considered, the headset and handheld combo let players interact with the game world more thoroughly by providing both physical and visual cues.

If you happen to be at the MWC 2024, you may visit TECNO's booth at 6B11, Hall 6, Fira Gran Via.

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