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MWC 2024: TECNO debuts Dynamic 1, its first robotic dog!

Chinese tech company TECNO unveils its latest innovation — in the form of a dog.
MWC 2024: TECNO debuts Dynamic 1, its first robotic dog!
TECNO Dynamic 1 Robot Dog!

TECNO debuts an AI-enhanced companion

During the MWC 2024 held in Barcelona, TECNO unveiled its first AI-enhanced robotic dog, TECNO Dynamic 1. The advanced robot embodies TECNO’s “Stop At Nothing” approach to innovating the technologies of tomorrow, with capabilities that can enhance everyday experiences. From smart home entertainment to assistance, education, and training, its intelligent, user-friendly functionalities make Dynamic 1 the perfect pet-like companion of the future.

Merging cutting-edge artificial intelligence with a lifelike design inspired by the German Shepherd, Dynamic 1 achieves both high aesthetic appeal and functional precision. Powerful torque output (45 N.m/kg) and a sophisticated cooling system in the knee joints enable the robot to mirror a dog's natural movements, such as climbing stairs, bowing, and handshaking.

Dynamic 1 is equipped with an innovative headlight system that both illuminates its path and serves as an indicator for interaction. Furthermore, four microphones and advanced AI-driven voice recognition algorithms ensure outstanding voice control responsiveness and even more intuitive interaction.
Advance robot dog!
Advance robot dog!

Dynamic 1 features an AI HyperSense Fusion System, ensuring that each movement is as stable as it is spirited. The robot integrates an Intel RealSense D430 depth camera, dual optical sensors, and infrared sensors for comprehensive obstacle detection and safe navigation. At the core of its agility and resilience is an 8-core high-performance ARM CPU, enabling dynamic stability, rapid post-fall recovery, and speeds of up to 3.7m/s. Meanwhile, 64GB onboard storage and the latest WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 further facilitate seamless and robust performance.

This innovation offers users flexibility with a variety of options for controlling its functions, including via smartphone app, remote control, and voice command. With a 15,000mAh battery, the robot is capable of up to 90 minutes of use, while its modular design allows for quick battery exchanges and simultaneous charging, minimizing downtime. A range of safety features give users peace of mind, protecting against common electrical issues.

In unveiling Dynamic 1, TECNO is showcasing its strength and imagination in the field of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. TECNO is committed to pursuing the development of cutting-edge technology for consumers.

Get the chance to experience Dynamic 1 firsthand at the MWC Barcelona 2024. This along with other TECNO devices will be on show at its show stand, located at 6B11, Hall 6, Fira Gran Via.

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