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MWC 2024: Xiaomi's Watch S3: More personalized, sports functions, and "Sleep Animal" in a classic watch

Tech company Xiaomi unveils a new wearable that “remains classic without sacrificing fashion.”
MWC 2024: Xiaomi's Watch S3: More personalized, sports functions, and "Sleep Animal" in a classic watch
Different colors!

More functions, fashionable classic wearable!

In the Mobile World Congress 2024 being held in Barcelona, Xiaomi introduced a new line of wearables for its consumers. This includes the Xiaomi Watch S3, which the company says allows users to “dial into style.”

The Chinese manufacturer said this device is “a multi-functional smartwatch with a classic watch design, able to fulfill both a user’s fashion and practical needs.”

The Watch S3 has a large round 1.43" AMOLED display, and a light aluminum alloy frame that echoes the classic watch designs.

Along with this are the interchangeable bezels and straps for a “new level of customization.” Twist the bezel and users can snap into place and display a unique dial exclusive to that particular bezel on the home screen. The watch also supports portrait auto keying, enabling users to embed information data into their portrait photos to create a unique personal watch face on top of over 180+ free watch faces already available.
The classic look for Black and Silver colors!
The classic look for Black and Silver colors!

This smartwatch also features the new Xiaomi HyperOS system, which delivers faster connections and better synchronization of information.

In terms of battery life, the Xiaomi Watch S3 can last up to 15 days. It also charges quickly, offering up to two days of usage with just a 5-minute charge.

Another first on the Xiaomi Watch S3 is a feature that allows users to perform personalized operations with just one hand. Through various flips of the wrist, the users can control the phone such as reject calls, check the weather, or take photos.

When it comes to sports tracking, the Xiaomi Watch S3 has over 150 sports modes, including new winter sports modes — a first on the global version of the Xiaomi Watch S3. Users can best experience the skiing mode with enhanced antenna reception performance and improved positioning accuracy through the L1+L5 dual-band GNSS, providing precise positioning. Moreover, it offers 10 different running courses to assist runners of different levels in optimizing their performance, whether they aim to increase endurance or burn fat.

For health geeks, the smartwatch offers advanced monitoring capabilities, like a 12-channel heart rate monitoring module that measures heart rate more accurately than previous generations of devices. There is also a sleep animal function. After wearing the watch for seven consecutive days, it generates a "Sleep Animal" that best represents the user's sleep condition based on the 7-day sleep pattern.

Euro price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Xiaomi Watch S3 - starts from EUR 149 (around PHP 9,025).

The Xiaomi Watch S3 along with other new products from Xiaomi will be available for sale via Xiaomi's official channels in Europe. We will update you in there's info regarding its arrival in the Philippines so stay tuned.

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