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PLDT Home silently launched its most affordable unlimited plan—Fiber Unli 899

PLDT Home has a new unlimited fiber internet plan for anyone in need of stable internet connectivity but on a tight budget called Fiber Unli 899.
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PLDT Fiber Unli 899

The new PLDT Home budget promo
The new PLDT Home budget promo

The PLDT Home Fiber Unli 899 (no landline) offers up to 35 Mbps of speed for just PHP 899 per month. 

According to the PLDT poster we spotted, the plan has an average speed of 28 Mbps and a minimum speed of 8 Mbps with 30 percent reliability.

Basically, those on a tight budget only need PHP 30 per day to enjoy PLDT's unlimited fiber internet services.

This speed is good enough for most homes who need just enough speed for browsing the internet to do research for work and school, stream short videos, and communicate via their preferred social media apps.

However, we think this is only recommended if the subscriber cannot spare more for the next affordable PLDT internet called Fiber Unli Plan 1699. That device offers up to 200 Mbps of speed or almost 6x the speed of plan 899 for just around double the price. It is simply the better deal.

Apart from the Fiber Unli 899 promo, PLDT Home also silently rolled out its Prepaid Fiber service.

Price and availability

PLDT Fiber Unli 899 - PHP 899 per month

The promo was listed by several PLDT agents on Facebook Marketplace. You may inquire to them for more details.

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