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TCL shares highlights of its C655 QLED Pro TV, starts at PHP 23,995

TCL shares highlights of the C655 QLED Pro TV and why consumers should consider upgrading to this TV.
TCL shares highlights of its C655 QLED Pro TV, starts at PHP 23,995

TCL highlights the C655 QLED Series features!

Recently, TCL noted they took the top spot on the Panel TV Brand Category and ranked no. 2 worldwide in terms of the global TV shipment market for 2023.

When we say superb, we can only think of the new C655 QLED Pro because of its exceptional features and state-of-the-art technology. The long wait is over and you can make it yours.

According to TCL, this TV lineup will provide deeper contrasts, sharper details and clear picture quality for its consumers.

TCL says the TVS utilizes the QLED Pro Display, which brings accurate colors, and captivating visuals, and produces vibrant output to your eyes.
TCL shares highlights of its C655 QLED Pro TV, starts at PHP 23,995
AiPQ Pro chip!

It also has the AiPQ Pro Processor, TCL stated that it explores all details and references from a vast database. It then "sees" the image and modifies it correspondingly, resulting in pleasing visuals with brilliant colors, contrast, and clarity.

Furthermore, the TVs support Dolby Vision, a dynamic HDR tech that again provides stunning colors, deep blacks, and notable highlights giving users a cinematic experience. Moreover, it has Dolby Atmos for proper sound clarity and an immersive listening experience.

Finally, the TVs come in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch models for the C655 Pro version.

Meanwhile the standard C655 has 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch and 98-inch options.

Price and availability

TCL C655 

TCL QLED 43C655 - PHP 23,995
TCL QLED 50C655 - PHP 26,995
TCL QLED 55C655 - PHP 31,995
TCL QLED 75C655 - PHP 69,995
TCL QLED 85C655 - PHP 99,995

TCL C655 Pro 

TCL QLED 55C655 Pro - PHP 35,995
TCL QLED 65C655 Pro - PHP 48,995
TCL QLED 75C655 Pro - PHP 80,995
TCL QLED 85C655 Pro - PHP 113,995

You may head to the TCL Philippines website for more information. You can also go to the Abensons website to order online.

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