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CHERRY Cares grants scholarship to 10 EARIST students!

The corporate social responsibility unit of CHERRY inked a deal with the EARIST to assist select college students.
CHERRY Cares grants scholarship to 10 EARIST students!

CHERRY extends help to students!

The agreement for the CherrySkwela Educational Assistance Program was signed between officials from EARIST and CHERRY Cares by MSN Foundation, Inc. last May 30.

Under the partnership, CHERRY is committed to providing 10 undergraduates with scholarship grants.

CHERRY said the students would undergo a selection and review process to determine their eligibility for receiving support from the program.

Each student deserves access to and resources for excellent quality education. Through our partnership, CHERRY Cares continues to actively advocate for their rights and offers valuable academic support, said Ms. Agnes Conopio, PR-CSR Head of CHERRY Philippines.

The university’s top official lauded CHERRY’s initiative.

We appreciate your continuous support to education, and this partnership will undoubtedly make a significant impact to both the institution and the grantees of this scholarship. Together with CHERRY Philippines, we are creating opportunities for bright minds to flourish and achieve their academic aspirations. Hence, this collaboration truly exemplifies the spirit of community and dedication to education, said EARIST President Dr. Rogelio T. Mamaradlo.

The CherrySkwela Educational Assistance Program has been providing scholarship grants, internship and job opportunities, customized learning opportunities, case management, and youth organizing to students of various universities.

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