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GCash unveils new AI-powered tools!

These aim to help users better manage their funds and enhance their security.
GCash unveils new AI-powered tools!
GCash introduces AI tools GCoach AI and Gigi powered by AI

Latest AI tools on GCash

At the company's recent FutureCast 2024 event, GCash executives revealed new features on the app to improve user experience, which includes the GCoach AI.

GCoach AI knows how the market is doing in real-time so you can ask for regular updates and reminders, Market Education head for wealth management Mark Ilao said.

This new tool utilizes Generative AI to help users in managing their funds.

GCash users can ask the tool how much money they have left, and then ask for recommendations and tips on what they can do to grow their funds.

“It will also let you know when you hit personal milestones,” Ilao said.

Aside from this, Chief Technology and Operations Officer Pebbles Sy introduced an AI-enhanced Gigi, GCash’s chat assistant,

Gigi can be accessed through the transactions history tab on GCash.

“Just select the transaction and let Gigi do it for you,” Sy said.

Gigi can also assist in complicated situations, like when a user loses their phone.

A user first accesses Gigi and tells it that their mobile phone is lost.

It will then confirm the identity of the user before locking the account, ensuring the safety of the owner’s funds.

Sy said Gigi can also recall past conversations so users can just pick up where they left off. It can also directly connect users to agents if the need arises.

Aside from these, the company also introduced features, like GCash Jr. and tap-to-pay service for its users.

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