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GCash launches GCash Jr. Visa card, GSave Jr.

These new services will help teach children how to be financially responsible.
GCash Jr. Visa card
GCash Jr. Visa card

A Visa card, savings, and allowance for kids via GCash

At the company's recent FutureCast 2024 event, GCash unveiled its upcoming features, including child-friendly GCash features.

Here's what we know so far about GCash Jr.

GSave Jr.
GSave Jr.

Through GCash Jr. and GSave Jr., parents can easily send money to their children—may it be for their allowance or for their savings.

This service will have parent control to ensure there is still supervision of adults.

The account can be turned into a savings account and can also be used for fund management.

Just like the regular GCash account, GCash Jr. will also have a Visa card that they can use to pay for what they want to purchase anywhere in the world.

The Visa card will also feature cute GCat and Friends artworks like GCat itself, Corey G, and GRaf.

Watch for more information about GCash Jr. in the coming days.

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