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Explained: What makes the new OnePlus Glacier Battery tech impressive?

OnePlus earlier announced the Ace 3 Pro in China featuring a new Glacier Battery technology.
OnePlus Glacier Battery
OnePlus Glacier Battery

OnePlus Glacier Battery explained

According to OnePlus, this new cell is more energy-dense compared to traditional graphite batteries.

This appears to be different from the Silicon-carbon battery solution that HONOR used to increase the capacity of its high-end phones without making them thicker.

The fruit of their labor allowed the company to fit a large 6,100mAh battery capacity on the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro.

Compared to a 5,000mAh graphite battery, it has 1,100mAh more while reducing its size by 3 percent.

This is also bigger than the 5,400mAh capacity of the OnePlus 12 and that's already one of the biggest capacities found on a modern high-end smartphone.

Moreover, the company claims that it'll retain battery health greater than or equal to 80 percent even after four years of use.
OnePlus Glacier Battery: Smaller in physical size, greater in actual capacity
OnePlus Glacier Battery: Smaller in physical size, greater in actual capacity

If this tech is proven to be effective in the near future, we will be impressed as we could see more phones from OPPO and OnePlus with bigger battery capacities that could make the phone last longer before needing to be charged that often.

Other brands from the entire BBK group like vivo, iQOO, and realme could also benefit from this.

Speaking of charging, it could be charged by the OPPO proprietary 100W SUPERVOOC safe fast charging solution via USB-C technology. As a result, the company claims that it can fully charge the phone in 36 minutes.

OnePlus developed this solution in partnership with Chinese battery maker CATL.

To check the full specs of the new OnePlus Ace 3 Pro, read here.

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