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Watch: Uratex claims that its "gaming" monoblock chairs are extra durable

In a hilarious ad campaign, leading foam manufacturer Uratex claimed their monoblock chairs could pass as gaming chairs.
Monoblock gaming?

#BawalAngMarupok chair?

In its #BawalAngMarupok campaign, the company said that their basic monoblock chairs have up to 200 kilos or around 440 pounds of seat load capacity. 

Uratex also claims that this chair is rust resistant as it is made with strong plastic and is UV protectant. In its class, the chairs are also said to be designed to be comfortable enough for most users.

The chair is also BPS and ISO 7173 Level 5 certified assuring its customers of its durability.

If you are living under a rock, the use of monoblock chairs is a running joke among gamers who can't really afford "real" gaming chairs.

If you have the money, we still won't recommend most of the expensive chairs marketed as "gaming chairs" in the market as they are often made with faux leather material that isn't really that comfortable in the back. Instead, our suggestion to everyone is to get an ergonomic chair for better overall comfort and durability.

But if you are on a tight budget, maybe, Uratex monoblock "gaming" chairs would somehow suffice.

Price and availability

Uratex Monoblock 101 Classic Chair - Starts at PHP 419.75

According to its website, the Uratex Monoblock 101 Classic Chair starts at just PHP 419.75.

They also have more premium monoblock chairs priced up to PHP 1.9K.

What do you guys think?

Source: Uratex

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