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MyPhone Teased A New "HERO" Phone, What To Expect?

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Recently, a MyPhone high ranking executive just posted on Facebook that they'll be coming up with a new product. What's interesting with it is they dubbed it as a "Hero" phone and usually those type of devices offers a lot of value when it comes to the overall package of the phone.
A new Hero phone?

I'm speculating that they might be gunning for something like a game changer, like what they did with the Rio 2. This year we saw that with the Meizu M1 Note first in the midrange section, the SKK Lynx in the budget category, the Cherry Mobile Flare X as a new midrange standard with 3 GB of RAM and the Asus ZenFone 2 at the over 10K range.

That "Hero" product must be a total package in order to exceed the above mentioned phones. It should have a fantastic build quality, great camera, powerful performance and good battery life. I hope they can hone in into something like the Doogee X5 Pro that looks extremely good. However, that might not also not be the case, as some refer that "Hero" product with something desirable when it comes to looks and smoothness of the UI.

For now all of these are just speculations and let's just expect for the best. :)
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