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Beat Your Heavy Laundry Easily Amazing Turbo Washers From LG!

Rainy season has begun, and that will make our laundry chores more challenging. For busy people like us, we need to get it done regardless of the weather condition. The good thing is there's the new LG TurboWash and TurboShot technologies that can help us clean our clothes fast and easy.
Beat Loads Of Laundry Quickly With LG's Amazing Turbo Washers!
LG Turbo Washers!

That means less time and efforts in doing our laundries and more time in our personal stuff like spending time with our families or work.

LG's TurboWash™ Front Load washers allows us to reduce washing time on each large load of laundry without compromising cleaning performance. They;re using the 3 way TurboWash™ that takes an hour to as fast as 45 mins. When you use the speed washing function, it will only take you 15 mins to finish one kilogram of laundry. It's that fast!

On the other hand, the Top Load washers of LG that comes with the innovative TurboShot tech enables superior washing and rinsing performance. It also has a hygienic tub clean and a technology that uses rapid drum motion and waterfall like jets that can penetrate deep into fabrics and dissolve detergent more efficiently. That only means cleaner washes as you can remove tough stains faster while helping yield impressive energy and water savings.

To add more to the capabilities of these washers, both the TurboWash and TurboShot features 6 Motion Direct Drive that let's you wash your clothes with more care and movement, ala hand washing but better.

"We continually try to innovate for the benefit of our consumers. For working individuals and married couples, especially those with kids, our washers are like manna from heaven, as it eliminates the need to wash clothes on weekdays after work. Big loads of family laundry are now more manageable with LG’s state-of-the art washers.” - Youngmin Chae, LG Electronics Philippines Vice President for Home Appliances

Now that makes your laundry fun and easy.

To learn more about these machines and pricing, visit their website, like LG PH in Facebook and follow @LGPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.
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