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Oukitel U7 Pro Teased, Comes With Built In Projector!

Oukitel, just sent us something interesting in our mail. They just teased us with another version of their affordable 5.5 inch Oukitel U7 smartphone called the Oukitel U7 Pro.
Oukitel U7 Pro Teased, Comes With Built In Projector!
The Oukitel U7 Pro, projecting a korean music video

A next gen budget smartphone with a built in projector!

The Oukitel U7 Pro is said to be the next generation two in one smartphone to feature a built in projector ala Samsung Galaxy Beam several years ago. It's said that this device can let you project a 50 inch wide image on the wall that could be at least 50 lumens which can be used for watching and presenting to with more people together.

What we don't know right now are the specs, price and other details. We'll try to confirm this with Oukitel themselves along the way. So far, I'm expecting this not to be a pricey device due to the "value for money" reputation of Oukitel.

Your thoughts?
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