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Goodbye SmartBro UnliSurf Plans, Say Hello To SurfMax Data!

Earlier, I got an SMS from Smart Communications that the Smart Bro UNLISURF service will no longer be available. It will be replaced by the new SurfMax data package that allows you to enjoy whole day surfing.
Goodbye Smart Unlisurf Plans, Say Hello To SurfMax Data!
Hello SurfMax, goodbye Unlisurf

That new guideline will be effective starting October 31, 2015. It will be available in the following denominations: SURFMAX50 at 50 Pesos is valid for 1 day, SURFMAX250 at 250 Pesos is valid for 7 days and SURFMAX995 aat 995 Pesos is valid for 30 days.
Goodbye SmartBro UnliSurf Plans, Say Hello To SurfMax Data!
The new data package

To avail this all you need to do is text SURFMAX(Value) and send to 2200. This is valid for all Smart Bro prepaid subscribers.

What's interesting with this plan is it appears to have no cap unlike the old UnliSurf plans. We'll I really wish that's true and I'll start observing this new promo from Smart once my latest UnliSurf plan expires.

Update: Data Cap detected: Read More!

What do you think guys?

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