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A Great Experience: We Tried The Paymaya Services At Kampo BGC!

Paymaya is on a roll this first quarter of 2016! They just announced their interoperability project with Globe's G-Cash service where you can now conveniently pay or transfer money with Paymaya users to G-Cash Users and vice-versa!
We Tried The Paymaya Services At Kampo BGC!
Anna of swirlingovercoffee.com tested Paymaya on the spot

We were invited to join in on Smart SME and Paymaya event where were given our own Paymaya credit card. This credit card uses a prepaid loading system where you can fill it up at any Paymaya authorised loading station which they were kind enough to hold a booth at the event.

We were able to pay the loading station with our cash and within a minute I received a text notification that I received my credits. This also reflected on my Paymaya App as you can connect your physical Paymaya credit card with your Paymaya App account. The whole system is convenient and quick that I couldn't believe it myself.
So Many People Trying out Paymaya!
So Many People Trying out Paymaya!

You will see that most of the food trucks have their own tablet paired with Paymaya's card swiping tool. Every time a customer ordered at any of these food trucks, they had the option of paying cash or with Paymaya. Of course, the crowd favored using their new Paymaya account and most of them were amazed at how quick they can load their card and how quick they can swipe their card to pay the establishment.
The Ransom Collective performing live
The Ransom Collective performing live

This means that business owners now have a new but more convenient payment option for their customers that benefit both parties!
“At PayMaya, we strive to provide the cashless payment experience that is fast, secure, and convenient so consumers can buy and do what they have always wanted even without a credit card,” said Mar Lazaro, Assistant Vice President and Head of Payments and Acquiring, PayMaya Philippines.
“We are thrilled that Kampo prefers PayMaya as the mode of payment transaction so the foodies can experience a typical food fair the millennial way.”
“We are here to help MSMEs harness opportunities in utilizing digital technologies to make their services and operations more efficient,” said Mitch Locsin, VP and Head of PLDT Smart SME Nation. 
“Digitally empowering the MSME sector is our way of helping boost the country’s economic and business landscape. We are committed to enabling the success of all Filipino entrepreneurs, wherever they may be, and no matter how small or big their businesses may be.”
That's it, the future of easy payments is really here!

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