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SmartBro 4G/LTE Pocket WiFi Gets A Price Cut! Down To Just 999 Pesos!

Great news! Until April 30, 2016, you can now get a Smart locked 4G/LTE pocket WiFi from 1,495 to just 995 Pesos.
SmartBro 4G/LTE Pocket WiFi Gets A Price Cut!
SmartBro 4G/LTE Pocket WiFi

Smart's LTE capable Pocket WiFi surfs the net faster compared with 3G / HSPA+ powered devices of late as long as you have good signal. This device comes with FREE 3 months of data worth 350 MB per month and has WiFi sharing capabilities that can connect up to 10 devices.

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Remember just few years back, LTE pocket WiFi's often cost around 4-6K Pesos. So for the asking price of just 995 Pesos, you can grab a sweet upgrade at a relatively low asking price.

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The said device is available exclusively at their online store.

For more info: Click Here!
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