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Acer Showcased Latest Products And Services At The 2016 CIO Forum

Acer Philippines recently held their 2016 CIO forum to showcase their latest products and services. It is their commitment in valuing their relationship with their clients across the globe by providing excellent services and highly innovative products with great value for money at the same time.
Acer showcased latest products at the 2016 CIO forum
Acer showcased latest products at the 2016 CIO forum

Entitled as the “Upgrade: Acer - Windows CIO Forum.” The event gathered  Chief Information Officers to showcase what Acer can offer them and their competitive edge in the market. They highlighted their latest and newest Acer products to both existing and potential clients that includes representatives from academe, government, telecommunications and all "loyal" industries that regularly attended the forum.

Sue Ong-Lim, Acer Philippines Sales and Marketing Director, on the other hand, said that they started the CIO forum of Acer back in 2008 with the aim of building a solid client base for Acer’s Commercial Sales Group. Back then, attendees were focused on a “per industry” basis and only existing clients. 
“It was a challenge for us since Acer was known as a consumer brand so we had to grow commercial sales by coming up with various strategies,” Ong-Lim said.
She mentioned how they started building the team first then established partnerships with valuable partners. They even provided various incentives to channel-partners and end-users, which came in the form of “boot camps,” especially for clients from the academe, or events or what Ong-Lim said were “learning trips” both here and abroad.

With these, Ong-Lim slowly but surely grew the group. From a mere 5% contribution to Acer’s revenue, the Commercial Sales Group now contributes about 25% to Acer’s coffers.

And to add further value to Acer’s commercial products, Mon delos Reyes, Microsoft Philippines Partner Account Manager, also mentioned the “digital revolution” that Microsoft is mounting and how Acer products, particularly those that use the Windows 10 operating system, will play into this revolution.

Acer Philippines Managing Director Manuel Wong, for his part, thanked the CIOs for their continued support during his welcome speech. He also pioneered Acer’s service-oriented philosophy where he introduced “on-site services” where Acer engineers will be deployed at clients’ offices in order to provide quick and better assistance. He also shared information on Acer’s new and innovative products that truly provide value to clients’ investments.

Overall, while Acer did not mention what are the devices that they showcased at the CIO forum this year, it's pretty great to know that Acer Philippines is really moving forward as they continue to innovate while valuing their clients. Plus those "new innovative" products got me curious and excited at the same time.

We'll keep an eye on further developments.

For more about Acer Philippines and other updates visit their website now.
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