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BenQ Positions ZOWIE As Its eSports Brand

By now, you probably recognize BenQ as one of the leading providers of display solutions from the enterprise to the eSports market. Of course, the company has also been busy positioning itself in the gaming crowd when it acquired ZOWIE, a manufacturer of eSports gears for the gaming industry. Now, the company is using the brand as its name for the market.
BenQ Positions ZOWIE As Its eSports Brand

Following BenQ’s recent announcement of its investment in ZOWIE Gear, the company has just announced that it will be pushing its products from here on out via the ZOWIE brand name. This means that, all gaming-related products will carry the ZOWIE name to it to highlight ergonomics and personalization that’s for any gamer.

It doesn’t stop there, however. The company is also moving to refresh the entire product lineup of ZOWIE, but only with little changes to the color scheme of the logo. It will now be in red to align with the gaming monitors of BenQ.
ZOWIE mice

The ZOWIE mice has also undergone some upgrades including the move to the lighter OMRON 20 mil switches as well as a 16-step scroll wheel.
SR mousepad
SR mousepad

Furthermore, those familiar with the SR mousepad series will now see products in the lineup sport a full-black color as well as stitched edges similar to the TF-X series.
CAMADE bungee
CAMADE bungee

FPS players will also see that the CAMADE bungee will feature a new black-and-red color scheme to align itself with the mouse products.

When will this change commence? BenQ says that the new product refreshes will be available in the country through all ZOWIE GEAR partners when August hits.
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