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Globe Launched Switch App For Android, Allows Mobile Data Saving And Management

Not knowing when your data will run out or what are the applications that eats data the most is a common problem to every mobile users on the go. Often, we'll experience sudden internet caps as we are not aware that we're already consumed our allocated data. There's also a chance of bill shock if you're a postpaid user who doesn't know how to manage data properly.
Globe launched Switch app for Android
Globe launched Switch app for Android

As a solution to this dilemma, Globe Telecoms recently introduced Switch, an interactive sales channel app that allows tracking of data, control data by application, and mobile data saving. 

What Switch can do?

Apart from showing the permanent set of FREE applications, latest games, applications, and Globe promos at the most affordable prices, Switch gives you full control of applications that uses mobile data connection. This will enable you to keep track of those apps and prevent unwanted consumption of data from apps that's not in used.
Data usage view
Data usage view

With Switch, you'll be able to track your hourly, daily, and monthly data usage easily. All you need to do is toggle "data saving mode on" where you can block an app that eats unwanted data immediately.
Data control center
Data control center

There's also an option with this app where you can bundle applications for 1 standard price that allows better flexibility on how you want to consume your data at a more affordable rate.
Within the Available tab, the bundle options will be defined by the blue number pad icon on the left side of the screen coupled with the corresponding bundle details (Ex: 2 Apps for P15). Once selected, on the following page, you will be able to select 2 applications at a single validity for a standard price.  
Eventually, Switch will let you maximize your data usage that'll save you money and prevent the hassles of unwanted extra charges or data capping.

Switch is exclusively available for Globe / TM prepaid or postpaid subscribers on Android devices. There's no word yet if when it'll be available for iOS users.

We'll keep you guys posted.
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