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GoBear, The Unbiased Financial Comparison Website Is Now In The Philippines

GoBear, the first and only meta search engine website for insurance and banking comparison was recently launched in the Philippines.
GoBear, The Unbiased Financial Comparison Website Is Now On The Philippines
GoBear Philippines

With the use of www.gobear.com.ph, it's a website that can be used as an unbiased tool when deciding on what's the best financial plan for you. Whether its for travel insurance, credit cards, and personal loans, users can compare plans from different companies with this tool using your PC or smartphone on the go.

It'll basically remove the hassle not knowing what the countless of products available, their different terms, and applications to avoid confusion. Users will also not need to worry about missing details as GoBear is simple to use and transparent in letting users choose the best deal for their financial needs.

GoBear also claims to be unbiased as it does not sell or promote any products, they are just a tool that simply compares and aims to give users the right to choose what they want.
"Consumers deserve the freedom to be able to make decisions for themselves, especially when it comes to money matters. What users need is a tool that will help them weigh options in a completely transparent, quick, and understandable way," says GoBear CEO and Founder Andre Hesselink "We, at GoBear, hope that the brand can be an enabler towards increased financial literacy and responsibility," he adds.

To use GoBear

2. Search for the details
3. Compare to check what's right for you

Currently, GoBear Philippines features travel insurance, credit cards, and personal loans. In the future, the company will expand into car insurance, car loans, home loans, and health insurance categories.

For more info visit their website now.
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