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CloudFone Thrill Power Teased, Packed With 5000 mAh Battery!

Aside from the recently announced affordable Thrill Boost and the upcoming flagship Next, CloudFone is prepping for another highly interesting handset.
CloudFone Thrill Power Teased, Packed With 5000 mAh Battery!
CloudFone Thrill Power teased

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Few minutes ago, the company has teased the CloudFone Thrill Power, a handset with HUGE 5,000 mAh of battery capacity that should last for a good while. It means that it could double the battery life of the 2,500 mAh powered Thrill Access that can last for 11 hours of straight usage.

The rest of the specs and details are still unknown for now, but we can expect this handset to have a solid mostly metal casing, fingerprint scanner (based on the fingerprint wallpaper of the teased image), and will load with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS out of the box.

Aside from that, lets expect this handset to feature good specs for the price just like what they did with most of their phones this year.

What do you think guys?

Source: CloudFone
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