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Genius SP-906BT Bluetooth Speaker Review - Your Next Outdoor Companion!

We are all unique and we all have our wants and needs. There are people who love the fast life of the city while some prefer the slow serenity of the outdoors. Finding a product that suites those individual needs can be daunting, Genius intends to solve the problems of the music lovers who have a taste of wanderlust! Will the SP 906BT Bluetooth speaker be your next outdoor companion? Let's see!
Genius SP-906BT Bluetooth Speaker Review - Your Next Outdoor Companion!
Genius SP-906BT Bluetooth speaker review!

Disclaimer: This unit was seeded by MSI-ECS for an honest review

Genius SP-906BT Specs

Drivers: 40 mm single dynamic (3 watts)
Frequency response: 100 Hz - 20 KHz
Battery: 500 mAh Li Pol
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1, HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, 3.5 mm
Others: Control buttons, microphone
Dimensions: 87.7 x 80 x 45.1 mm
Weight: 144 g
Price: 955 Pesos

Unboxing / Accessories

Everything included in the package
Everything included in the package

It comes in one of those see-through hard plastics that are tamper proof. The packaging is straight forward wherein inside you find the product details card, the instructions manual, a USB cable and the speaker itself.

Build Quality / Design

Speaker controls, it can also be used for calls!
Speaker controls, it can also be used for calls!

The speaker, the hook and the USB cord all feel solid. The speaker in particular is textured and feels like it won't break even if you drop it or if it bumps into anything along your way.
Admittedly, we've seen more handsome Bluetooth speakers out there, but at this price point, this is still better than most of competition! 
The hook feels secure and I tried a variety of ways to test the security of the hook. We had it hang from our bag though our daily commute with no problems. We then tried to wildly shake the speaker while hanging from my hand, and we never saw or felt it became loose in any way shape or form.
Micro USB port and microphone

You will find the micro USB port at the back near the bottom of the speaker.  While the power, the play, the pause, the playback, the fast forward, and the call button are all found behind the speaker.

The buttons themselves are responsive but may need a little more strength to push than I would like. Otherwise, the buttons work reliably.

Battery Life

At max volume, the speakers lasted 3.5 hours, making it ideal for watching an uncut Lord of the Rings movie or several episodes of binge watching on Netflix! If at volumes where it is comfortably louder than your smartphone, it lasted 8 hours for us.

When out of juice, the speaker’s 500 mAh battery charges in 2.5 hours. A great feature is that you can use this while charging!

Sound Quality

The sound of the speakers is clean and balanced. The speakers do put out a lot of bass but it does not overpower the highs and mids that much. The speaker does have a soft hissing sound when the speakers are on. It is noticeable when playing on a low volume as quieter parts of the song are affected by the hissing.
The speaker sounds clean enough for the price!
The bass and mids are clean and decent while separation and depth of sound is just bordering passable. For most people, this will be a lifesaver outdoors and shall be okay for personal indoor listening if you needed an extra boost from weak speaker/s of your smartphone.

However, if you're an audiophile you'll need to increase your budget as it won't suffice just like the rest in this price point.

Pros - Solid build, great for PERSONAL audio outdoors, can be used while charging
Cons - Not water and dust resistant, 3.5 hour battery for outdoors can be a stretch


At this price, the Genius SP-906BT is one of the few options for music lovers who love the outdoors. We recommend this for people who love music & travel on a budget because of its solid build quality and decent sound quality. The battery life can be fixed by plugging the speaker to a powerbank and extend the battery life for as long as you have one charged!

GIZ Rating: 4/5 Stars
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