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OPPO F1s Vs Vivo V5 - Selfie Camera Comparison

For most part of 2016, OPPO dominated the selfie game in the country with their #SelfieExpert campaign. It started with the F1, the high-end F1 Plus, and the game changing F1s midrange smartphone. The OPPO F1s was an instant hit to Selfie loving Filipinos who wants to look great in photos using its 16 MP camera w/ beautify tech.
Oppo F1s Vs Vivo V5 - Selfie Camera Comparison
OPPO F1s or Vivo V5? Who takes better selfies?

Enter Vivo Mobile, the latest tech giant that recently entered our country. They know that the selfie game is a key ingredient to win the hearts of Filipinos. So, the company has released the Vivo V5 also known as the #PerfectSelfie phone. It's a device that has the design and pricing of the F1s with even bigger 20 MP front facing camera with softlight flash for natural glow in lowlight.

Now, the question is, can the Vivo V5 be on par or even dethrone the OPPO F1s? Let's all find out!

Disclaimer: All images are described based on our subjective opinions and experiences.

OPPO F1s vs Vivo V5 - Selfie Camera Comparison!

Specs OPPO F1s Vivo V5
Selfie Camera: 16 MP f/2.0 w/ AF, Beautify 3.0 and screen flash 20 MP f/2.0 Sony IMX376 w/ AF, Face beauty 6.0, and softlight flash

Scene 1 - Wide angle, natural daylight, beautify level 2
F1s natural light
F1s natural light
V5 natural light
V5 natural light

In this scenario, the F1s captured the brighter selfie and has slightly more details. The V5 got the right colors with wider angle lens. For people who likes detail better, OPPO's bet is the better choice, but for anyone who want to fit more people in Vivo's offering got the job done. However, the photo who showed more details is our pick here. F1s - 1 point

Scene 2 - Bright natural daylight
F1s left, V5 right, bright natural daylight
F1s left, V5 right, bright natural daylight

For bright outdoor shots, the F1s did another great job in capturing the details of the subject. However, the Vivo V5 matched it in that category and was even better in color accuracy and dynamic range. V5 - 1 point

Scene 3 - Indoor dim light
F1s left, V5 right, indoor dim light
F1s left, V5 right, indoor dim light

On this scene the F1s is brighter in tone and blurred some of the micro details. The V5 has a more saturated look, but has more grains. It's another super close battle where the winner will depend on your color preference. F1s - 2 points | V5 - 2 points

Scene 4 - Lowlight at night with no flash
F1s left, V5 right, lowlight no flash
F1s left, V5 right, lowlight no flash

For lowlight at night in auto mode, both struggled to show details properly. The F1s has a softer look while the V5 is slightly darker in tone, but has more depth in colors. V5 - 3 points

Scene 5 - Lowlight at night with flash
F1s left, V5 right, lowlight w/ flash

In lowlight, the use of screen flash or real flash is essential in taking great selfies. In this night time scene with the help of yellow street lights, the did a wonderful job in showing details with less grains. On the other hand, the V5 showed the prowess of its softlight flash by delivering more accurate color tones. However, the shot captured by V5 showed more grains. F1s - 3 points
F1s left, V5 right, pitch black w/ flash
F1s left, V5 right, pitch black w/ flash

For images in pitch black condition, OPPO's F1s did a fine job in showing my face. However, 
V5's softlight flash handled the situation better. It is a tad softer than F1s, but V5 even showed my hair. V5 - 4 points


There's no doubt, both of them are great selfie machines! We liked how detailed the images that came out of the F1s and the way Vivo V5 handled colors. OPPO amazed us on how the F1s can still keep up with the newer V5. Vivo made us enjoy taking selfies even in very dark conditions with its softlight flash. Overall, the results were close and you cannot go wrong either way if you love taking selfies. In our test, V5 was ahead by just a hair.
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