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PLDT Launched Smart SOS Dispatch For Emergency Response!

PLDT Inc., via PLDT Enterprise has unveiled the Smart SOS dispatch mechanism for robust national public safety and emergency response.
PLDT Launched Smart SOS Dispatch For Emergency Response!
Smart SOS Dispatch launch

It's a revolutionary end-to-end incident management solution designed for both small and large communities like large-scale corporations, local government units (LGUs), and even university campuses.
The executives with Smart SOS Dispatch
The executives with Smart SOS Dispatch

The solution was designed to give those communities public safety answer points (PSAPs) and emergency response systems (PSERs). Smart has a variety of mobile devices paired with their trustworthy network coverage that with Genaker IP-based PTT (Push To Talk) and NowForce emergency response application for rapid, long distance, and high-speed communication between the command center and responders. 
The SOS Dispatch uses several ruggerized Android powered devices w/ IP68 shock and water resistances and up to 1.5 days of battery life perfect for emergency situations.
It's backed with NowForce cloud system for reliable the entire emergency reporting, response, and recording process.
“The 911 emergency response system of the United States has always been a model to emulate with regards to security and public safety. The technology to make the same happen in the Philippines is available through mobility and the Internet-of-Things (IoT).  Smart SOS Dispatch is designed to do just that,” says Jovy Hernandez, FVP and Head of Enterprise groups at PLDT and Smart. “We look forward to partnering with all local government units in implementing the system nationwide. Technology cannot do it alone. Technology plus People is the right formula.”
The SOS Dispatched was also especially to be augment seamlessly with the 911 system of the Philippines. This is inline with the government’s mandate to modernize current systems in the administration, some LGUs that have already partnered with PLDT and Smart for the purchase and full implementation of Smart SOS Dispatch solution are the city of Bacoor in Cavite, and the province of Ilocos Norte.
“Smart SOS Dispatch is highly beneficial for LGUs, especially in barangays where responding units should be more accessible and centralized. In fact, we are currently in discussions with our partners from Bacoor, Cavite, to expand the implementation of this system in each barangay in the city for more improved and seamless incident report and management,” adds Hernandez. "This is a great model for all LGUs, especially those in regional hubs such as Manila, Cebu and Davao where growing populations demand higher levels of security and public safety. Through this, we can build the path to finally establishing an integrated security system on a national level.”
The Smart SOS Dispatch comes at exclusive package for LGUs for PHP 3,500 per month for each device. It comes with a ruggedized Android Device, Genaker PTT and NowForce applications, Unlimited Calling Circle and allocated SMS for all networks for 30 months.

For more info check out www.smenation.com.ph or  www.pldtalpha.com now.
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