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How To Take Screenshot Using Meizu M3E?

The title of this article may sound dumb, but if this is your first time using a M3E phone, you may have a hard time figuring how to do a simple screenshot natively.
How To Take Screenshot Using Meizu M3E?
Use the power button and volume keys

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Why? The well respected Chinese smartphone maker is using a modified Android skin a.k.a. FlyMe OS with different controls compared with the traditional long press of power button and volume keys. So without further ado, here's how you get the job done.

How to take a screenshot using Meizu M3E?

1. Locate your power button and volume rocker at the right side of the phone
2. Press the power button together with either volume up or volume down keys simultaneously.
3. Do not hold, just press or it won't work.
4. Enjoy!

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It's a little bit tricky, but this quick tutorial should help you take screenshots easily using your new Meizu M3E.

Thanks for the tip Jashen Pyo!
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