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Rapoo Intros VPRO Gaming Peripherals In PH For Serious Gamers!

Rapoo, a popular maker of PC peripherals just introduced the VPRO gaming line. It's a set of headphones, keyboard, and mouse for designed serious gamers.
Rapoo Intros VPRO Gaming Peripherals In PH
Rapoo's current VPRO gaming line in PH!

The VPRO products are known for its innovative and premium-quality gaming devices across the globe.
"Gaming has gotten a lot more serious these past few years, and there are already a lot of Filipino ProGamers who are making a name for themselves in eSports tournaments all over the world. We want to nurture the passion and talent of Filipinos have by letting them experience the gaming gear used by top CyberAthletes in the world," says Kyle Guo, Rapoo R&D Director
The marvelous VPRO 810
The marvelous VPRO 810

Leading the lineup of VPRO in the country is the VPRO V810 backlit full mechanical keyboard. It has a Cherry mechanical key switches that's durable and reliable performance for 108 keys. It also has up to 50 million operations line for each keys. On top of that, you'll find 5 dedicated macro keys, programmable keys, and Gaming Mode toggle. It's priced at PHP 6,730.

Keyboard line

V51S RGB - PHP 1,265
V500SAL - PHP 2,020
V500S Crystal - PHP 2,110
V500L - PHP 2,690
V510 - PHP 2,690
V500 RGB AL - PHP 2,690
V700 RGB AL - PHP 3,365
V720S - PHP 4,540
VPRO V810 - PHP 6,730
Gaming mouse anyone?
Gaming mouse anyone?

For the mouse, the V225, V280, and V26 are there to give you accurate controls, great durability, and reliable performance.

Mouse line

V26 - PHP 1,095
V25S - PHP 1,245
V280 - PHP 1,245
V310 - PHP 2,190
The VH200
The VH200

VPRO also has a good gaming headsets to offer an immersive experience to let you hear the movements and audio cues of your opponents movements. It includes VPRO VH600 Virtual 7.1 gaming headset w/ multifunction remote, VIB vibration, dual mic, and noise isolation. For entry-level, the VPRO VH200 is there.

Headphone line

VH200 - PHP 1,515
VH600 - PHP 2,945

The first line of VPRO gadgets will be available in stores and third party retailers like Silicon Valley and Octagon starting this May of 2017.
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