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STAR In Partnership With 7-Eleven Introduced CLIQQ Store!

Star Telecom Alliance Resources Inc. (STAR, Inc.), the makers of Starmobile just forged a new partnership with 7-Eleven convenience stores to introduce CLIQQ. It's a type of e-commerce business model which aims to make online shopping easier for consumers nationwide.
STAR In Partnership With 7-Eleven Introduced CLIQQ Store!
Get Starmobile Play Lite and Play 5 at CLIQQ

The partnership will allow customers to buy the Play Lite and Play 5 using 7-Eleven’s multi-channel CLIQQ store at Google Play and Apple App Store. It can also be purchased at the electronic kiosk and catalogs of inside 7-eleven.
CLIQQ at 7-Eleven
CLIQQ at 7-Eleven

“This e-commerce model that gives customers a variety of flexible discovery, payment, and pick-up options first rolled out in 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan. It has proven so successful that 35% of all e-commerce packages in the country now go through 7-Eleven branches, eventually helping make Taiwan the world’s most developed e-commerce market, with 18% share of total retail,” said Dan Marogy of 7-Eleven Philippines. “We aim to pilot this program together with Starmobile in selected Metro Manila stores starting April 24.”

Using CLIQQ's platform customers may easily order the Starmobile phones of choice and pick-up their orders the following day. Customers may pay them digitally via credit card or cash in-person.

“This partnership with 7-Eleven supports our mission to bring our various devices even closer to more Filipinos. Not only are we making the latest mobile technologies more accessible to Filipinos in terms of price points, we are also making them accessible in terms of ordering, payment, and availability venues,” said STAR, Inc. Product Development Head Michael Chen.

Starting April 24, 2017, this service will pilot in elect Metro Manila 7-Eleven stores.
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