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Weavoo's Weavlet Is A Stylish And Eco Friendly Bracelet / Charging Cable In One!

Weavoo, a promising electronics accessories brand has a new exciting product. Dubbed as the Weavlet, it's a handcrafted bracelet and charger in one for Apple and Android devices covered in surprisingly stylish dried water lily leaves.
Weavoo's Weavlet
This bracelet is also a charger!

The Weavoo Weavlet is a wearable bracelet / cable charger in one solution
designed to match your style and convenience. It comes in two variants, the iOS version for Apple devices with lighting connector and the standard USB 2.0 connector for Android and other electronic devices.
It comes in iOS or Android versions
It comes in iOS or Android versions

Also, the Weavlet is more than just your regular fashion statement bracelet and charger in one. Since its covered water lilies, it simply means that its eco-friendly. On top of that, Weavoo's Weavlet is hand-crafted by the people of Taguig Livelihood Center is helping. That means purchasing these cables also helps in the livelihood of those citizens.

The Weavoo Weavlet has a price that starts at PHP 220 only. There are also different colors like: jet black, sienna brown and au naturalé to choose from. To get your own, visit their Facebook page or visit this link http://bit.ly/WeavletOrderForm now.
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