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HOOQ Engages Film Professionals For Next Production

Southeast Asian Video on Demand service HOOQ is engaging film professionals to pitch in ideas for its next production through its Filmmakers Guild in PH.

Last June,  HOOQ officially opened the pool for script and screenplay ideas which will be adopted into production. 

According to HOOQ the selection will be done by an illustrious panel which now includes Filipino director behind neo-noir crime thriller OTJ, Erik Matti.  

Erik Matti is the latest panelist who has been added to the roster. He, alongside Indonesia's Mouly Surya and Nicholas Saputra, will select entries to be adopted into a full series.  

Five entries will be selected and the film professionals behind them will be given a USD 30,000 funding to produce the pilot episode which will debut on HOOQ.  

The competition is open film school students and experienced film professionals.

Interested parties must submit the script and treatment for a mini-series or a full series with a maximum of 13 episodes.

To allow creativity juices to flow,  there are no restrictions to genre but the submissions must be in the language of the applicant's native language. 

The competition is open to Singapore,  Thailand,  Indonesia,  India,  Philippines,  Vietnam,  Malaysia and Cambodia.  

HOOQ is available for download from Apple Store and Google Play Store.  

Applications will be accepted until Aug 15, 2015.
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