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Tips On How To Deal With WiFi Dead Spots

We have all been there. You are just about to bag the last seats on a airline ticket sale online. You moved to a more comfy spot in your place then bam! You lost your WiFi connection.
WiFi dead spots are frustrating
WiFi dead spots are frustrating

WiFi dead spots are common occurrences to any home and even offices. There is always that one spot that does not get any connection. It is like it is stuck in the past and is stubborn to allow any WiFi signal in. It is really frustrating and, for those who are unaware about WiFi dead spots, confusing. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to boost your WiFi signal all throughout your office or home.
WiFi signals can be disrupted too!
WiFi signals can be disrupted too!

First off, we need to know how WiFi signal works. WiFi signal is transmitted through radio waves that can be received by any WiFi capable device. However, this signal can be interrupted by a myriad of things like thick walls, large metal objects and doors. In addition to that, there are appliances and devices that can disrupt WiFi signals like a microwave oven, baby monitors and more.

These steps are designed to improve your WiFi connections and can be the answer to your dead spot problems

1. Check Problem Area - Check signal strengths in the problem area by using WiFi analyzer apps that can be easily downloaded through the Google Play Store. Once installed, go around the house and see where WiFi signals fluctuate.

2. Check Router Positioning - Remember, WiFi signal strength is directly related to your distance from your router. Consider moving your router closer to the problem are or in a centralized spot for it to be able to reach every room.

3. Update or Upgrade your Router - Make sure that your router's firmware is always up-to-date. If not, you are not maximizing your router's full capability. However, if it is up to date and you still have problems after doing the above steps, you can then consider buying a better WiFi router.

4. Get a wireless repeater - A wireless repeater allows you to "repeat" the WiFi signal in order to reach every area in your place. This is really ideal if you have a big house.

5. Migrate Channels - Sometimes a crowded network channel can hamper your connection. It is always better to migrate to less crowded one to improve your connection and make the most out of your bandwidth.

6. Ask your ISP - If all else fails then you can go and ask you internet service provider about your problem. They can help you set up your internet connection according to your needs to better provide you a better service.

These steps can only fix some of the problems with WiFi dead spots. No matter how hard we try WiFi dead spots will still exist. Technology is getting better each day, however, and it is only a matter of time before we find a permanent solution to eliminate these pesky dead spots.
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