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LG Unveils K7i, A Smartphone With Mosquito Away Technology

Yes, you read the title right and this is not a joke. In India, LG just released the K7i, the first Android smartphone w/ built-in Mosquito Away technology.
LG Unveiled K7i, A Smartphone With Mosquito Away Technology
LG K7i

The Mosquito Away technology is a unique selling point to keep mosquitoes away from the smartphone user. It uses ultrasonic sound which is inaudible to humans but not to mosquitoes. As a result, it protects you from Mosquito bites that could carry several diseases while the phone is in your area.

The LG Mosquito Away tech is located behind the K7i. It even comes w/ a a Mosquito Away stand that could be useful at times.

Going to the specs, the LG K7i comes w/ a 5 inch 854 x 480 screen, 1.1 GHz quad core processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of expandable storage, 2,500 mAh battery, 8 MP main camera w/ LED flash, 5 MP selfie snapper, WiFi, fingerprint scanner, and dual SIM slots.

It comes w/ Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

While it isn't the speediest handset around, this LG K7i could be a very useful handset for some.

The phone is priced at INR 7,990 or roughly around PHP 6.2K.
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