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MASS LED-M650 Curved TV Review - Budget Curved TV Experience

Often, curved TVs are very expensive. But, what if you want a TV like that on a budget? Lazada has an answer to your problem, the MASS LED-M650 Curved LED TV!
MASS LED-M650 Curved TV Review - Budget Curved TV Experience
MASS LED-M650 Curved TV review

At Lazada Philippines, the MASS LED-M650 is currently listed at PHP 15,299 only. It's a 40-inch Curved LED TV that has wide color enhancer technology, USB movie playback, and smart energy saving.

In addition, this Curved TV also highlights a 2x 8W loudspeaker for a more immersive video and audio experience on a budget.

Promising? Here's our take!

MASS LED-M650 Specs

Display: 40-inch Curved LED
Audio: 8W x 2
Power Supply: AC 90-260V-50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 74W
Connectivity: Coaxial, HDMI x2, VGA, PC Audio, RF IN, YPbPr IN, AV IN, 2x USB 2.0, 3.5 mm headphone jack slot
Features: Wide color enhancer, USB movie playback, Smart energy saving
Dimensions: 960 x 465 x 167 mm
Weight: 10,000 g
Price: PHP 15,299

Disclaimer: MASS LED-M650 Curved TV was borrowed from Lazada Philippines for our honest review.

Unboxing / Accessories

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Unboxing this item is easier than most huge television sets. Inside, you'll immediately find the TV (that's surprisingly lighweight and easy to remove from the box), remote control, stand, and screw heads.

Build Quality / Design

Buttons at left
Buttons at left

The body is made out of mostly ABS plastic and the curved screen is glass. The stand has that metallic feel. Construction is isn't the most solid around, but it is just alright for the price. Just take care of it.
Ports at right
Ports at right
Ports below
Ports below

Design-wise, this one is a looker. Body is much slimmer than you conventional box TVs, but, it isn't as slim as the higher-end flat LED Smart TVs.

But, that's just fine. For a 40-inch TV, it is quite compact overall and should fit most homes and rooms w/ ease. We also like that its bezels are far from thick. The Curved LED display looks attractive and kinda premium in general.

All the buttons and ports are also hidden behind for a cleaner look.

Audio Quality

Speakers below
Speakers below

This TV highlights 8W x2 down firing speakers that should deliver loud and immersive sound w/ nice staging.

Sound is mostly crisp and loud. It isn't the most musical around, but audio quality is good enough to let you hear voices and instruments clearly. Bass response is also decent in my opinion.

However, just make sure not to crank the volume all the way up. Yes, the sound will be very loud, but it will be very distorted as well. Annoying and peaky highs would be present on max loudness too.

Note: It also has a headphone jack slot below that you may use if the cables of your favorite headphones is long.


We liked that this TV has plenty of connectivity ports. It includes: Coaxial, HDMI x2, VGA, PC Audio, RF IN, YPbPr IN, AV IN, 2x USB 2.0, and 3.5 mm headphone jack slot. But, it has no dedicated ISDBT Signal for that Digital TV experience out of the box. But, connecting your favorite external TV box is quite easy.

It also has a wide color enhancer, USB movie playback and Smart energy saving features.

The USB movie playback is a personal favorite. All you need to do is plug and play your USB flash drive or hard drive w/ video files to play your movies and clips.

Smart energy saving is interesting, but, unfortunately, we were't able to test it due to lack of time w/ the TV set.


Big 40-inch screen
Big 40-inch screen

Picture quality is alright. But, resolution is unverified. It has a model number UHD- 4008 that shouts UHD in quality, but we highly doubt it. At best, this is FHD / 1080p at 16:9 aspect ratio.

Big screen, affordable price!

Sharpness is okay as long as you are not that near the Television. Colors are mostly vibrant and rich as well. Brightness is quite strong and good too! Viewing angles are better that your average flat TVs.

However, it is noticeable that colors aren't just that accurate. It could be too reddish (saturated) at times. Contrasts are just okay too. Blacks are far from deep compared w/ the higher-end Smart LED TVs. But, again, that's understandable for the price.

Using the TV is easy. Once your TV box or antenna or flash drive w/ movie files are connected, you can easily view or watch your favorite movie shows.

The remote has most of the basic functions we are familiar too. But, we noticed that the stock remote's interferes w/ the signal of the TV box remote.

We also noticed that there are occasional random shut downs after few hours of use.

Pros - Big vibrant screen, audio quality is alright, many connectivity options, very affordable price
Cons - Plasticky build, random shut downs


The MASS LED-M650 is currently out of stock at Lazada Philippines for a reason. It is a pretty good deal for the price if you wanted a basic Curved TV w/ big screen size on a tight budget. Yes, it has noticable flaws, but all of that are forgivable for the price. Just take good care of it.

Build / Design - 3.5
Display - 3.75
Audio - 3.75
Performance - 3.5
Average - 3.625 / 5
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