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Tylex DY25 Review - Loud, Functional, and Affordable Bluetooth Speaker

Lucky HR has recently introduced the Tylex DY25 in the Philippines, a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker w/ a promise of HiFi sound and more on a budget.
Tylex DY25 Review - Loud, Functional, and Affordable Bluetooth Speaker
Tylex DY25 review!

In particular, the Tylex DY25 has a stereo speaker setup that promises good and loud sound quality w/ minimal distortion for just PHP 1,295.

In addition, it has several useful functions. You can use it as an FM Radio, play music through your microSD card and regular flash drives, connect it your favorite music player via 3.5 mm headphone connector, and even make it an emergency power bank that can charge your phone and other USB powered gadgets.

How true is that? Here's our review!

Tylex DY25 Specs

Drivers: Stereo speakers
Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 30 kHz
Sensitivity: 70 dB
Distortion: Less than 0.55 percent 
FM Radio Frequency: 87.6 - 108 MHz 
Battery: 2,200mAh
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, 3.5 mm, USB input, microSD input, FM Radio
Others: Microphone, micro SD card reader, LED display, Colors: orange, grey, blue
Dimensions: 275 x 150 x 95 mm
Price: PHP 1,295

Disclaimer: Lucky HR is an advertiser of this website. This is also a seeded unit from them. But, rest is assured of our honest take always.

Unboxing / Accessories

The DY25 arrived in a not so premium looking pretty big box. But, that's understandable as this speaker is priced at just PHP 1,295. What's important is what's inside.
Cables and manuals inside

Inside, it has the speaker itself together w/ the USB to micro USB charging cable, 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm headphone cable, and paper manual.

It has no free pouch for dust protection inside, but again, that's understandable for the price.

Build Quality / Design

Mostly ABS plastic build
Mostly ABS plastic build

The body of the speaker is mostly constructed w/ ABS plastic and a layer of another player of brush painted plastic. Then, it has a metal grill to cover and protect its pair of speakers inside.

Build is isn't the toughest around, but quality is just alright! 

The ABS plastic that Tylex used for the DY25 is quite thick and feels sturdy enough. FYI, ABS plastics has strong resistance to chemicals and physical impacts.

While it felt durable enough, it is still mostly plastic and the exterior is not ruggedized. So, avoid dropping it and take good care of it as much as possible to prevent damages. It has no resistance to water and dust as well.
Controls on top
Controls on top
Rubber stopper for better grip on surfaces
Rubber stopper for better grip on surfaces
Design on the side
Design on the side

Design-wise, it is shaped like a boombox. It doesn't look really that premium, but the design is quite neat in general. It is also considered as portable due to its small size despite not being pocketable.

It has a nice handle like your old FM Radio and Boombox to make it easier to carry around.


Close-up of the ports and buttons behind
Close-up of the ports and buttons behind

Like what we mentioned earlier, this speaker is reach in features and has several useful functions.

Controls are also basic. It has an on and off switch, play / pause / call, forward, backward, and volume buttons. Volume can be adjusted from 0 to 28.

Connecting it to Bluetooth is quick and easy. All you need is to turn on the phone press mode for Bluetooth and connect your phone, PC, or other Bluetooth capable music player. Bluetooth connectivity is stable too. I can move around in our room w/ little to zero loss in signal. It even has a voice prompt in English that will tell you if you are connected to Bluetooth already or not.

If you still like it old school and sure, there's a FREE 3.5 mm to 3.5mm headphone cable inside the package that you may use. Sound quality is also better on wired as expected as there's less noise.

In addition, you can just plug your USB flash drive or microSD card w/ audio files behind and it will automatically play your favorite MP3 and even some 16-bit FLAC lossless audio files.

However, if the class of your flash drive or microSD card is slower, avoid playing lossless files as you'll experience some stutters in sound. It can only scan on one just one folder as well.

It even has an FM Radio that works well even without the need of an external antenna.

Lastly, it has a microphone that can be used for calls.

Bonus: You can use the USB port at the back as an emergency power bank. This speaker has a built-in 2,200mAh battery that can charge a regular 3,000mAh smartphone to up to 73 percent.

Battery Life

Speaking of battery performance, the 2,200mAh battery can last around 3 to 6 hours depending on how heavy your usage is. In my experience, it can last a over 4 hours on 60% loudness. Charging time is a little bit slow at roughly over 2 hours.

Sound Quality

Good and big sound for just PHP 1,295!
Good and big sound for just PHP 1,295!

Tylex boasts that the DY25 is a portable speaker than can produce "HiFi" grade tunes under PHP 1.5K. Partly, they are correct. Why? This speaker is one of the fullest sounding speaker we tested for the price.

Audio quality ranks among the loudest and finest for the price!

Sound signature is warm, bass response is big and deep even without a subwoofer. But, it isn't fast and right.

Details are also nice and audio is well layered for the price. Mids are considered as forward too! Soundstage is wider than 80% or maybe 90% of all the sub PHP 1.5K speaker we tested.

SOUND is also really LOUD for the price. It is actually enough to fill a pretty big classroom sized room w/ good sound.

But, while distortion is still less, there's still some noticeable distortion if you crank the volume all the way up. Mids will muddier on 80% to 100% of the volume as well.

Only the OontZ Angle 3 can compete w/ its sound at this price point if my memory serves me right.

Pros - Portable, amazing sound for the price, loaded w/ functions, very affordable
Cons - Build is not rugged, no water resistance


The Tylex DY25 is one of the most impressive Bluetooth powered speaker we tested under PHP 3K. Sound is full enough and it is loaded w/ nice features. It has few weaknesses, but its minor and very forgiveable for the price.

Build / Design - 3.5
Features - 4.5
Battery Life - 4
Sound - 4.75
Average - 4.187 / 5
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