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HMD Global could launch a Nokia smartphone with penta-lens!

According to rumors, HMD Global is reportedly working on a weird yet interesting project. The company could reveal a Nokia phone with penta-lens cameras!
HMD Global could launch a Nokia smartphone with penta-lens!
The OZO camera

Yes, you read that part right! Not single, not dual, not triple, but 5 cameras in total! It could be something quite similar to the Nokia OZO camera with 8 cameras slimmed down to fit a smartphone body.

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Reports stated that the information came from a source familiar with Foxconn's R&D business. In case you missed it, HMD Global is working closely with Foxconn for Nokia Android smartphones.

What's more interesting is HMD Global has already prepared a smartphone with penta-lens camera so that it can be tested. It also means that if they can mass produce that device, we could see it as early as late 2018.

There are no other details regarding the lenses and their purpose. But while this rumor is wild, it is very exciting!

Source: Vechgraphy
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