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IDC: Top Smartphone Brands in the Philippines (2017)

Based on the latest data gathered by the IDC, Cherry Mobile is still the top smartphone brand in the Philippines in terms of market share!
IDC: Top Smartphone Brands in the Philippines (2017)
IDC top 5 smartphone brands in PH!

The top Filipino mobile brand, Cherry Mobile gathered 23 percent of the market share! They are ahead of Samsung, the number 2 brand in the country with 17 percent.

Following Samsung is the Chinese duo, OPPO at 12 percent and Vivo at 8 percent. Surprisingly, ASUS cracked inside the top 5 list with 5 percent.

According to IDC, Cherry Mobile remaimed as the market leader due to strong local influence especially in the lower tier cities and rural areas where their products are competitively priced.

On the other hand, despite the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung remains as one of the popular brands. OPPO successfully established itself outside of China due to its investments in celebrity endorsements and the selfie ideology.

Vivo is like OPPO in terms of marketing. ASUS was able to say in the game due to their "competitively" priced devices.

For those who don't know, IDC is a global provider of data-driven research.

Source: IDC
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