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Could this trash-eating bacteria lead to Zero Waste PH?

A Davao City company have figured out a truly organic solution to waste management--the use of organisms that can literally consume trash.
Could this trash-eating bacteria lead to Zero Waste PH?
Backhoe being used to segregate massive amounts of trash

The company's idea is to use microorganisms that thrive in hot areas such as springs and hot volcanoes and feed these with organic waste. The organisms will then eat through the organic waste and release odorless byproducts that can be used as fertilizers.

Davao Thermo Biotech Corporation (DTBC) proprietor and a professor at the University of the Philippines, Roberto Puentespina, shared that this science-based approach is going for a truly zero-waste solution to organic waste. They have a vision of a waste-free Philippines that includes solutions to bio-waste concerns.

DTBC collects wastes, for a fee, coming from large industries such as malls, fast food restaurants, agricultural byproducts such as peelings, even carcasses.

Their fermentation process reduces the waste into an odorless substance. It also kills pathogenic bacteria and viruses through the resulting heat that is caused by the bacteria feeding on the material.

The company has a current partnership with the Benguet State University for further studies on the effects of is fertilizers on vegetables.

The initial studies resulted to early harvesting of the crops, by three weeks, within the regions known as a source of high-value vegetables in Luzon.

DBTC plant is located in 3.5 hectares in a private property in Binuga, Toril. Puentespina is willing to host tours and visits to interested parties, including potential clients and academe. 

Source: Manila Bulletin
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