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Samsung's 2018 home appliance line-up are now here

Samsung Philippines have unveiled their four new smart home appliances on May 23, 2018.
Samsung's 2018 home appliance line-up are now here
Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner

These appliances include an air-conditioner, oven, refrigerator, and washing machine. The Samsung Digital Appliances aims to simplify the use of our home appliances and innovate the conventional ones that we have. 

1. Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner

This air-conditioner is equipped with 21,000 micro-holes that evenly disperse the cool air to avoid the unpleasant feeling of direct air blow. It is also designed with Virus Doctor and Easy Filter that will eliminate dusts, bacteria, and viruses. 

This appliance can be connected to Samsung's Smart Home App over Wi-Fi where you can manage your room's temperature by just a few swipes and taps on your phone.

2. Samsung FlexWash

Samsung FlexWash
Samsung FlexWash

This washing machine can run two different loads simultaneously--one on the top washer and another using the main washer below. It has now also the 'AddWash' door (or better called a 'window') where you can add the clothes you forgot to put in before starting to wash the laundry. 

It also has the EcoBubble technology which maximizes the detergent powder by converting it into cleansing bubbles that can penetrate clothes 40 times better--lie washing your clothes in cold water but as effective as washing them in a warm water, according to Samsung.

3. Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator

Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator
Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator

This refrigerator boasts of its separate evaporators that will prevent food odors in spreading from fridge to freezer leaving foods odor-free. It uses Digital Inverter Technology making it a refrigerator that uses less energy with reduced noise.

You can also configure it into five different modes

Regular Mode - keep both the fridge and freezer running at a standard temperature
Energy Saving Mode - turns the freezer off and keeps only the freezer running
Vacation Mode - switches the fridge off when the freezer is all you need
Fridge Max Mode - converts your freezer into a fridge when you need more storage
Mini Fridge Mode - turns your freezer into a fridge when you need less storage.

4. Samsung Smart Oven

Samsung Smart Oven
Samsung Smart Oven

This oven lets you cooks, grill, steam, bake, and even make your own yogurt anytime. 

It uses the Hot Blast Technology wherein multiple-holes blows hot air directly onto food for a more evenly cooked meal. Its Slim Fry technology allows you too fry your french fries without soaking them in so much oil.

These four are the latest Samsung smart home appliances line-up. You can get the Samsung Smart Oven for PHP 14,995.

Stay tuned for the rest of the missing details.
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