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ARM Cortex-A76 big core and Mali-G76 GPU unveiled!

ARM just unveiled the new Cortex-A76 big core and the Mali-G76 GPU for future high-end processors.
ARM Cortex-A76 big core and Mali-G76 GPU unveiled!

According to arm, the Cortex-A76 is a 7 nm "laptop-class" core. It can run at 3.0GHz with 35 percent higher performance and 40 percent better power efficiency versus the 10 nm Cortex-A75 core. ARM also boasts that it has nearly 4x improvement in speed for machine learning and nearly 2x more memory bandwidth.

On the GPU part, the Mali-G76 is the upgrade of the very capable G72. It is also built under the 7 nm process. It also has a promise of 50 percent boost in performance, 30 percent better energy efficiency, and 2.7x improvement in machine learning versus the G72 last year.

It means that it could be one of the best GPU to handle heavy games and other 
graphics-intensive applications.

Aside from the Cortex-A76 and Mali-G76 GPU, ARM also launched the Mali-V76 video processor. It can encode up to 8K video at 30 fps with 25 percent improvement in video quality.

This processor can also decode 8K video at 60 fps or 4K at 120 fps.

Quite promising right?

Sources: GSMArena, ARM
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