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Ericsson showcased 5G technology with up to 23 Gbps speeds!

Ericsson celebrates their 30th anniversary in the country by showcasing live the endless possibilities of 5G network. 
Ericsson showcased 5G technology with up to 23 Gbps speeds!
Ericsson 5G technology announcement

They showcased live on an event the key highlights of Ericsson's 5G technology. One of which is the NFV. It is a prerequisite for 5G to enable efficiency and agility to support new business. 

The demo showcased the brand's complete distributed NFV-based core network. It enables shorter TTM for new services and higher efficiency with short upgrade cycles. 
Ericsson 23 Gbps 5G technology!
Ericsson 23 Gbps 5G technology!

Ericsson did a live speed test of their upcoming 5G technology and it got a whopping 23 Gbps of speed!

The live showcase also proved that Ericsson is serious with its cellular Massive IoT. They also demoed the future concepts on AR and VR which can be adapted for a mining use case. 

Mixed Reality Mining demo offered users a chance to experience what could be done with great connectivity, for example, 5G, precise positioning, augmented, mixed, and virtual (AR/MR/VR) in a mining context.

According to Ericsson, the 4G will still be there but 5G is the future. They will officially launch their 5G technology by 2019.

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