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25th PR Congress pushes to uphold truth in the age of disinformation

The 25th National PR Congress wants to focus on making sure that truth is a focus in terms of the practice of communication especially in PR and professionals.
25th PR Congress pushes to uphold truth in the age of disinformation
25th PR Congress announcement

The yearly PR congress will be held on Shangri-la at the Fort, Taguig City on September 27-28, 2018.

This event engages all PR and communication professionals to promote truth in the age of disinformation. This year's theme is "Truth or Trolls: PR in the Age of Disinformation".

The National PR congress wants to establish that PR and communication professionals must work to have friendly relationships based on truth and authenticity. This is also the longest-standing professional advancement platform in the industry. It brings PR and communication professionals from different sectors to promote ethical practice and high standards of public service.

This year the two day event will have professionals from marketing, human resources, government institutions, NGOs, and entrepreneurs. They will be subjected to a comprehensive learning experience of five plenary sessions with each session tackling in-depth vies on politics, elections, and communication, effects of fake news on brands media, capability building, industry health checks and brand citizenship.

Other topics will include technology and social media in PR such as how PR professionals can make the most social media's role and influence as well as neurolinguistics applications in PR.

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