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Eastern Communications marks 140th year with new products

As it marked its 140th year in the market, Eastern Communications introduced new products aimed at catering to connectivity demand of the modern workplace. 
Executives of Eastern Communications

The company unveiled connectivity solutions Global Data, DDOS Protection, Microsoft Azure and Officer 365 and Managaed SD-WAN services. 

Its data portfolio was boosted by Ethernet International Private Line (EIPL) and Global MPLS or Multi-Protocol Label Switching, delivering high speed, point-to-point, and point to multipoint service that transmits simultaneous two-way traffic between customer locations nationwide and across the world.

These products are targeted for sectors like banking and finance, manufacturing, transport and distribution, ICT and business process outsourcing companies. 

Its Managed Software Defined-Wide Area Networks, meanwhile, provides more bandwidth to improve performance of business-critical apps. 

Eastern Communications also readied Managed WiFi Mesh for households and small enterprises to achieve strong internet access. 

Also, amid growing cyber threats, the company launched DDOS Protection, enabling businesses to secure their systems and prevent costly downtime for websites and applications. 

Eastern Communications is also ramping up its cloud services with the introduction of Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Office 365. Azure is offering comprehensive set of cloud services, such as deploying, buidling and managing applications through Microsoft's global network of data centers, which helps businesses save a bulk of money.

Office 365, on the other hand, provides access to Office applications and cloud-based productivity services. 

As we celebrate our 140th year, we are committed to continued innovation when it comes to delivering products that will answer the needs of modern workplaces while at the same time, giving personalized service that will help businesses thrive, said Catherine Muynila, Marketing Division Head of Eastern Communications. 

Congratulations to Eastern Communications for reaching another milestone!

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