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OPPO to launch Hyper Boost to boost hardware performance

OPPO will be launching soon their own hardware acceleration feature called Hyper Boost. This is similar with Huawei's CPU and GPU Turbo that optimizes system resources for games.
OPPO to launch Hyper Boost to boost hardware performance
OPPO to launch Hyper boost to boost hardware performance

It is set to be unveiled on an event on October 11th in Shanghai called Hyper Boost Tech Meeting. This information was gathered from an invite sent out to the Chinese media. The poster included in the invite is saying "Towards an era of acceleration" which can mean that hardware acceleration is the future of CPU and GPU performance. However, there is yet any confirmation if its going to be an exclusive GPU boost or if CPU is also included.

There is also speculation that the OPPO K1 may have the Hyper Boost since the K1's launch is just one day off the Hyper Boost scheduled launch. This could also mean the the OPPO K1 maybe the gaming smartphone of the Chinese brand. It was speculated that the K1 would be a niche smartphone sandwiched between OPPO F9 and the OPPO R17.

This is great for OPPO as they are open to work on improving their device's performance with different tech just like what they did with their Super VOOC fast charging technology.

What do you guys think?

Sources: GSMArena, Mydrivers
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