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Edifier R1280DB Review - Bassy speaker sound at the comfort of your home

Edifier R1280DB is one of company's elegantly designed multimedia speaker designed to provide a satisfying audio experience. Let's see in this review if it is worth it.
Edifier R1280DB Review - Bassy speaker sound at the comfort of your home
Edifier R1280DB Review


The box
The box

The speaker is inside the quality made medium box. Inside the package is where you can find its accessories that include the passive speaker, active speaker, remote control, 2.5m speaker connecting cable, 1.7m 3.5mm to dual RCA audio cable, 1.5m fiber optic connecting cable, and user manual.

Build Quality/Design

At the back
At the back

It is framed with high quality black wood that you can feel its durability with just touching it.

On-board clear and concise controls where you can adjust the treble, bass and volume is made of plastic but design wise, it actually did matched with its wooden look. It is located in the side panel of the active speaker where you can also see the indicator of the Bluetooth connection.

The design of this speaker is very elegant. With just the look of it, you will think that it is actually under priced.


The knobs
The knobs

It is very easy to use this speaker! You can connect it directly to your laptop or television using the provided cables. You can also easily use it with your mobile devices by connecting via Bluetooth. Yes, you heard it right! It has Bluetooth connection where any devices can be connected seamlessly.

It is very easy to use this speaker!

Pairing is also easy, just turn on your speaker and switch to Bluetooth mode through its remote control. No worries if you misplaced your remote control, you can still connect by pressing the master volume control on the side panel of the active speaker.

The indicator will turns to blue then setup your mobile device and search for the Bluetooth device where you can find "EDIFIER R1280DB". And walla! You can now play your music and adjust the volume to your desired level.

It also has other connectivity options such as RCA/AUX, Optical, and Coaxial.

Sound Quality

With the look of it, I have a high hopes of having a good quality sound hearing a relaxing music. Well, it didn’t failed me! Listening to it will really calm you as its sound is solid/crisp and absolutely fantastic.

You will surely enjoy listening to it while watching your favorite movies or calming yourself by the music of Jose Mari Chan's Christmas In Our Hearts while doing your chores or having your afternoon tea.

Its bass response has good depth and won't overpower the vocals and other instruments. It is smooth with warm signature. As a matter of fact, it even has one of the most natural sounding mids I've heard for its price. The treble/highs are okay, just fine, and non-fatiguing. As expected, soundstage is quite wide for the price.

Another thing which is surely an important matter to those music lover is the distortion of the sound.

With this Edifier R1280DB speaker, even if you will max out the volume, distortion is hardly noticeable.

By the way, it can go really loud.

Pros - Elegant design and built, crisp and solid sound, quality on minimal price, strong Bluetooth connection, a lot of connectivity options
Cons - A bit heavy, no handle for proper carrying of the speaker

Edifier R1280DB Specs

Drivers: 116mm bass, 13mm silk dome treble
Total Power Output: 2x 21W
Frequency response: 55Hz-20KHz
Active/Passive: Active
Connectivity: RCA/AUX, Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial Connection
Others: Remote control
Dimensions: 241 x 177.8 x 146 mm 
Price: PHP 4,295


Using this speaker and listening to it really fascinates me. You can listen to its powerful and clean sound in which you can have in your bedroom, living room or on your own entertainment room.

Who cares if you understand your favorite Korean Drama while watching with your favorite cheese flavored popcorn? Or hearing Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas songs in the morning while preparing your breakfast and brewing your favorite Arabica coffee from Sagada.

As long as you have this Edifier Speaker that is stalled with your favorite books in your bookshelf, your day will be surely be completed.  Why? This is because of Edifier Speaker’s performance that will absolutely satisfy your earbuds.

For its price of PHP 4,295.00, this one is absolutely a must buy for music lovers.

Build/Design - 4.75
Features - 4.75
Sound - 4.75
Average - 4.75/5
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