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Who is webnovel? Here's what happened in their first-ever PH fan meet

webnovel, a global fictional stories hub, has hosted its first Manila, Philippines fan meeting last November 24, 2018.
Who is webnovel? Here's what happened in their first-ever PH fan meet
webnovel Philippine fan meet

Who is webnovel?

The fan meet's agenda was to discuss the creation and translation of webnovel narratives to Filipino fans and authors. In case you didn't know, webnovel was launched last year as an overseas portal of China Literature, which is China's largest online literature platform. 

China literature has reserved more than 10 million digital works and hosted 7.3 million authors. Some of the Chinese TV dramas that aired on Philippine televisions like Fighter of the Destiny, Martial Universe, and The Rise of Phoenixes are all intellectual properties under China literature. 
webnovel site
webnovel site

There are a wide novel offerings at webnovel. According to the global fictional stories hub, their readers spend an average of 1.5 hours daily. To date, webnovel is getting more than 20 million unique visitors with more than 200 individual translators and groups. They also have over 5,000 novel authors. 

About 200 English translations of webnovel works and more than 9,000 original English works have been published on webnovel.

Currently, webnovel has over a dozen categories available to readers that include fantasy, romance, magical realism, fan-fiction, horror & thriller, video games, material arts, war & military fiction, competitive sports, etc. 
webnovel categories
webnovel categories

webnovel is now on top of Google Play's e-book reading apps. As of November 2018, 30 percent of global webnovel readers are Filipinos. 

A lot of Filipino authors are also earning more than a thousand dollars monthly. This income will increase as these authors continue to update their novels and grow their fan base.

There will also be novels written in the local language on webnovel in near future. Hardcopy books will also be published by local industry partners in the Philippines.

Are you a webnovel reader?
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