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Argomall's tips for wiser and safer Christmas online shopping

Online shopping become more popular recently. Argomall wants to share some tips to keep you safe and wise during online Christmas shopping. 
Argomall Wiser Christmas e-Shopping
Argomall Wiser Christmas e-Shopping

Yes, online shopping has become more secure and streamlined nowadays but people still need to be wise and safe when buying things from the web. Here are some reminders from Argomall to keep your holiday shopping hassle-free and safe:
Check out authenticity, installment plans and shipping options
Check out authenticity, installment plans and shipping options

1. Check authenticity - As much as possible, only buy from authorized and authentic sellers and websites. For example, for gadgets such as smartphones, online stores such as Argomall are the place to go. An authentic seller must provide gadgets sealed in boxes, has warranty, online invoice and an official receipt given once the package is received.

2. Be weary of fake discounts - During the holiday season, there are a lot of legitimate discounts. However, there are also a lot of "discounted" items that are not really discounted. Sometimes, the discount is around 75% but you will need to pay a huge amount for shipping. So, you have to be really weary about these so-called discounts to avoid being swindled.

3. Installment plans for the win - Never be ashamed of availing an item through installment plans. Breaking down the amount you pay can be really beneficial for your finances especially during the holiday season when people to splurge on a lot of stuff. You can get the ideal gift for your family, friends and yourself without breaking the bank in one go.
Take advantage of the best deals
Take advantage of the best deals

4. Choose the most convenient Payment Option for you - Online shopping offer you a lot of choices when it comes to paying for your stuff. Options range from credit cards, online banking, PayPal, G-Cash, Home Credit, Dragon Pay and the safest way, in our opinion, COD. However, some online stores offer different prices depending on the payment option you choose.

5. Check Return Policies and Customer Service - After sales services is also one of the most important aspect of shopping. You have to choose a brand or store that has a reputable after sales customer service as well as fair and easy return policies.

6. Have your items delivered at your door - One of online shopping's advantages is that your items can be delivered at your home. No traffics to worry about. Some even offer free shipping during the holidays so take advantage of that if you can.

7. Utilize Search features - Some of the best online shopping sites allow you to filter out your search results. For example, with smartphones, some stores such as Argomall, has filters such as brands, budget range, screen size, memory and more. This way you can find the perfect device for you.

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