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Android Q to feature system-wide dark theme, permission revamp, and more?

We just welcomed 2019 and yet a number of features of Google’s Android Q has already been leaked by XDA, including a system-wide dark theme and revamped privacy and permissions.
Android Q to feature system-wide dark theme, permission revamp, and more?
Dark theme!

System-wide dark theme, finally

Based on its report, it showed Android Q allows users to set its display setting on dark mode. When this feature is on, Settings, Launcher, Launcher Settings, and the Files app would turn into a dark gray hue, while the Quick Settings panel, volume panel, and notifications change to black.
Other modes
Other modes

This "Set Dark Mode" is believed to improved battery life, particularly those smartphones with OLED panels.

Developers seemed to also focus on privacy, enabling users to monitor and restrict permissions usage of every application.

Another note-worthy features include the "Time to Take Action" and the "Time to Read" options. The two features basically involve managing users’ messages. 

The time to take action lets you choose "how long to show messages that ask you to take action, but are only visible temporarily." On the other hand, the time to read feature lets you choose "how much time you want to read and take action on messages that automatically go away."

The leaked screenshots also hinted the possibility of "Desktop Mode" within Android Q, just like Samsung’s DeX. With the Android Q, users may also witness the return of free-form windows support which allows them to launch multiple windows.

Sources said they expect technology giant Google to reveal the first Android Q Developer Preview by March of this year.

Source: XDA
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